Interoperable Software -seminar

Heureka Science Centre, November 20th 2001

10:25-10:50 Solibri Model Checker Presentation:
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  Heikki Kulusjärvi, Solibri Inc PDF-file
10:50-11:15 NetModeler - Single Building Model Based Project Collaboration Over the Internet Presentation: 
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Petri Kokko, Enterprixe Software Ltd PDF-file
11:40-12:00 IFC Model Server Development Presentation: 
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  Yoshinobu Adachi, Secom Ltd and VTT PDF-file
12:45-13:05 HUT 600 Auditorium -project Presentation: 
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  Calvin Kam, CIFE - Stanford University PDF-file
13:05-13:45 Nemetschek AG / Allplan FT; Process from the composition till the orchestra of architecture: sketch-clay-CAD object- real object
Architect Csaba S. Rosta
  Christian Rust, Nemetschek AG Presentation:
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13:45-14:15  Autodesk - Digital Design Data and the Virtual Building Model  
  Simon Jones, Autodesk Ltd  
14:15-14:45 Integrated Product Content Management in the Building Industry: 
How to utilise and reuse your product models and product content from design through construction to sales & marketing
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  Christian Rosengren, EON Reality, Inc PDF-file
15:35-16:00 MoPo - Process Model for Construction Company Presentation: 
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Kari Karstila, Eurostep PDF-file