Full list of Vera seminars is available on the Finnish pages

October 17th 2002 

Terve Vera - Healthy and Productive Building Seminar

April 24th 2002 

IAI Summit 2002

April 23rd 2002 

IAI ITM Evening

November 20th 2001 

 Interoperable Software Seminar 

June 13th 2001 EU Research and Development Projects
March 27th 2001 Evolving Design Process
November 13th 2000 IFC/BLIS Software Products
September 6th 2000 eBusiness
May 16th 2000 CIFE in Finland (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University)
November 19th 1998 Annual VERA Seminar
November 20th and 21st 1997 IAI presentations and workshop in Helsinki